Monday, 29 April 2019

Fantastic Books and Where To Find Them

I love a pre-loved book!  There is something about the aura of a pre-loved book that enhances its already wonderful qualities. Discovering books in op-shops, second-hand book shops, garage sales - always fills me with a thrill as magical as if I had discovered The Holy Grail!
'Forget the cup - give me the book!'

Last week I discovered two amazing books at my local Op Shop - Dreaming Again, filled with stories by Australian Fantasy writers including Celia Dart -Thornton and Sara Douglass. Plus, Ursula le Guin's Voices!

Both for the princely sum of $2 and in excellent condition. I felt almost guilty paying so little (Disclaimer: I usually pay more than the purchase price anyway - because its all going to a good cause!)

The other store I HIGHLY recommend, is That Little Bookshop in Ballarat. This bookshop is such a find I want to keep it all to myself! Owned and run by Wayne, (who I'll be featuring in an interview later on) this is the book shop of my dreams.

It is tiny, overrun with books of every description: out-of-print , new releases, pre-war books, fantasy fiction, historical fiction, children's classics, reference books - you name it, you'll find it and there are some really obscure titles too! Wayne posts current titles on FB every day and will also mail them to you if you ask nicely - which I  did thank you very much Wayne!

My recent finds were 3 Sara Douglass novels and 2 Juliet Marillier! How funny that this great bookshop had books from 2 of my favourite authors up for grabs?

Despite the fact I already own copies of The Dark Mirror and Blade Of Fortiu, I couldn't resist giving them a home. Hey there is aways room for one more book!

Some other great places to find books are:(in no particular order)

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