Monday, 22 April 2019

Everything Old is New Again..With apologies to Peter Allen)

... a message from beyond the veil.

I love it when I check out the book section of an Op Shop (Oxfam Shop or Goodwill for those of you not living in Australia!)

There is ALWAYS a little treasure hidden on the book shelves! Todays find is (DRUM ROLL please):

Ursula Le Guin's VOICES  and DREAMING AGAIN - 35 new stories in Australian Fantasy Fiction with SARA DOUGLASS!    Now, call me crazy, but I think Sara is sending me a message of approval from beyond for my post regarding her wonderful novels and life. 

 The story in this anthology seems aptly named in light of my recent blog on her life and death THIS WAY TO THE EXIT .

I think this proves beyond a doubt that Sara Douglass had and continues to have, a wonderful sense of humour. Vale Sara and thank you for sending this gem my way!

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